Support & Maintenance

Here at Code Factory, our goal is to establish and maintain long-term relationships with our clients and provide an ongoing, excellent level of support of your product.

Our Support and Maintenance options can be tailored to suit different products from different industries.


24/7 Software Maintenance

Your product may be required to be operational at all times to end users, so you will need the right infrastructure, the right support and the right maintenance.

Our processes will ensure efficient and effective software upgrades, offsite IT support, error handling and reporting of scheduled downtime and performance issues.

Our experienced teams provide proper tracking and monitoring, troubleshooting, versioning and documentation so that at all times, our clients have access and overview of the condition of their software.

Continuous Improvement

We always work on improving the products we’ve developed to make them easier to use, more efficient, and more valuable for users. The ongoing software maintenance and support we deliver keeps your project up-to-date with the needs of users.

System Updates and Scalability

For growing organisations, systems must scale to meet demand. From supporting the complexities of a fast-growing organisation to simply scaling to meet demand, our experts will keep your systems secure, effective, and stable.



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