Product Development

Need a product to meet your business goals or to fill a niche in the market? Leverage our decade-long expertise in custom product development.

Here at Code Factory, we blend well established and the ‘new cool’ tools to build disruptive products with robust backends and bold UI’s that scale, coordinate with other softwares all while incorporating advanced technologies.

We have the experience, the tools, the people, and the technologies to create amazing products. We are driven by passion, by innovation, by collaboration. We are ‘thinkers’ first and ‘makers’ later.

Our Product Development Process

Our team will work and collaborate with you to research, discover and analyse to understand your requirements. This process, depending on the potential size of the project, will often include workshops, interviews and detailed requirements gathering to ensure our proposal meets your needs. This process will also include thorough market and competitor analysis.

In this phase we plan the very basics for products, application(s) and development. We will work with your teams on user stories, user journeys, use cases to conceptual the development phase of your product.

Solution and Integration designs are underway as well as designing the flows of third party integrations and interaction with other softwares/ legacy systems

DEV, DEV, DEV. In this phase, development starts and throughout the development phase, we will work towards implementation based on priorities set out together, both functional and functional, often running in parallel. We will work closely with you and collaboration through this process is critical. This process will include in depth QA, as well as implementation of user stories.

As part of the development cycle, we include substantial time to QA the product as well as incorporating your acceptance testing into our cycles. The deployment cycle is where a feature set would begin it’s life in the ‘real world’, Production, and another development cycle would begin.

Being ‘Dev Complete’ is just the beginning of the journey. After a deployment to production, we will support you all the way, technically, 24/7/365


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