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Mobile app development is one of the most important areas for businesses right now. Users keep migrating from desktops to mobile devices for literally everything from making purchases to using live chat. As a result, businesses must take the mobile-first philosophy seriously. Therefore, a mobile application development company will be key to your future business growth.

Cost of App Development

Ok, so let’s get straight to the point. We know that all you are thinking about right now is how much it will cost. Right?

Well, as with any custom development project things vary. Actually, with respect to app development, they can vary a lot.

So, how to you get a price for your project?

Well, we always recommend a discovery phase. this is where your vision is broken down into component deliverables. This means that the development skills required, the amount of time needed and the technologies used are all laid out.

Remember, it is your vision. However, turning your vision into reality requires concise planning. As a result, at the end of discovery, you will have a firm idea of the costs involved.

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Mobile App Development Company: Engagement Models

There are many engagement models. Again these vary.

The two main ones are:

  1. Fixed Price
  2. Time and Materials

Fixed Price Model for App Development

Yes, a fixed price model is very popular. It eliminates risk. However, only consider a fixed price model if a full discovery phase has been undertaken.

Also remember, that agreed deliverables on fixed price deals cannot be fudged once the project is underway.

Time and Materials Mobile App Development Model

The time and materials approach is the best approach if there is ongoing work. It just makes sense. Also, in our experience, if there is not a comprehensive discovery phase then time and materials is the only way to go.

Blended Approach Used by a Mobile Application Development Company

Projects can be split into two phases.

  1. Fixed price NVP
  2. Ongoing support and updates at time and material rates

It’s common sense really. Some of the most successful app development projects use a blend of fixed price and time and materials.

App Development Support

Particularly with iOS native apps ongoing support is essential. Updates and feature add-ons require support. As a result, it is important that you build a good relationship with your mobile app development company.

Depending on your end market and app functionality, the level of support will vary. However, make sure you discuss when negotiating with prospective technology partners.


Mobile App development – Operating Systems

You need to make the decision if you want a wrapped app or a native app. This is a major decision and there are many factors that you need to consider.

The Rolls Royce is a native app. If you go for this option you in effect have decided to develop two apps.

An Android version and an iOS version.  Proper mobile application development companies have the skillset to deliver both.

iOS App Development

More and more Apple is leaning towards native apps. Remember, that the App Store is not just a place for apps it is also a marketing platform. Yes, you can advertise on the App Store just like you can on Google.

Android App Development

The Play store is essential to growing your user base. By having your app available on the two major operating systems you increase exposure. Just remember, that a finished shiny app is fantastic. However, where your users will truly benefit is with the support and improvements you can roll out on the backend.

Conclusion – Mobile Application Development Company

Find out more about mobile app development, ask us questions and see how we can help you bring your mobile app vision into reality.