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Founded in 2004 in Bucharest, Romania, Code Factory has become a partner of choice for many international leading enterprises, SMEs and software innovators from many sectors. We will help your business to grow through with our world class IT professionals and their passion for custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.

We have grown geographically too. Today, we have software delivery facilities in Moldova (Chisinau) and Romania (Bucharest) as well as local presences in Ireland (Dundalk) and the UK (London).

We collaborate with clients from across the globe including Canada, UK, USA, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Austria, specialising in the Fintech, Betting and E-Commerce sectors.

Since 2021 Code Factory has been part of Software Mind, which empowers companies around the globe with top-notch engineering teams that increase scalability and ramp up software delivery.

Our Services

We understand that business requirements are different across companies and industries. Our IT professional’s are vasty experienced and ready to help!

From custom software development with the latest technology and software solutions to automated quality assurance, we will leverage our 15+ years expertise to bring you the best solutions for your business.

We don’t believe in fitting a technology to fix a problem, we believe in finding a digital solution for you, whatever technology it takes.

Our services can be broken down into three key areas; Custom Software Development, Independent QA and Testing and Support and Maintenance.

Custom Software Development

Our world class IT professionals will work with you to bring you software and product vision to life, with industry leading full cycle custom software development.

We operate under a delivery framework that guarantees consistency, transforming years of experience into a unified approach that minimises bottlenecks.

Some examples of our technology expertise are;

Mobile App Development: Android, iOS, Xamarin, Hybrid.

Web Development: Java, .NET, PHP, Javascript, React JS, Scala

DevOps and Cloud: AWS, Azure, Docker, Jenkins

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB.

We also have a group of specialist consultants in niche technologies such as big data (Apache Spark, Hadoop) and programming languages (Python, Ruby).

Independent QA & Testing

Our custom-built quality assurance and testing services help you deliver a robust and optimised product to market using expert services and tools for independent product and application testing, as well as QA checks for our own custom builds.

We are skilled and experienced in test automation, performance testing, agile testing, mobile testing, and game testing.

Our testing teams uses Open Source tools such as Selenium, FitNesse, JMeter, SoapUI, Jbehave and TestLink as well as industry standard tools like HP QC, UFT, LoadRunner, IBM Rational Functional Tester and Soasta CloudTest.

This ensures efficient performance and high quality project and product implementation for your build.

Support & Maintenance

In addition to our core services, we also offer support and maintenance services to clients. This includes 24/7 Software Maintenance, System Updates and Scalability and Continuous Improvement.

You can view a full breakdown of our services here

At Code Factory, our unique approach to software development brings your business the software it needs to succeed.

Problems we'll help you solve

  • Passion for software: Our world class IT professionals will tailor our services to meet your business goals with flexibility, passion and your vision at the heart of our offering. We’ll explore new technologies to match your requirements.
  • Performance: We want YOU to be happy which means we won’t finish a project until both we, and you, are 100% happy.
  • Success: We drive software innovations that help our clients stay ahead of the technological curve. Immediate needs and your long-term goals are key considerations for us as a key software and technology partner.

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We don’t believe in fitting a technology to fix a problem, we believe in finding a digital solution for you, whatever technology it takes. Ready to chat? Get in touch

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