The Benefits of Nearshore Development

Business have been using outsourced, hired teams to work on their software and IT projects for decades now. It has become increasingly clear over the last 18 months that teams do not all have to operate from the one building and remote working has become the norm for many. For software projects, teams usually look at offshore, onshore and nearshore development. You can read our blog post about the difference between the three here.

Code Factory delivery centres are based in Chisinau and Bucharest which allows for several hours of time overlap with nearshore customers. If you require closer collaboration, our dedicated team can operate onsite with you and your teams. We stick to the industry’s best practices in all aspects of software delivery and project management as well as using to latest tools to deliver the best possible product to suit your needs.

Benefits of hiring a dedicated software development team

How Can Nearshore Development Help Your Business Succeed?

Nearshore development teams are in a unique position to help organisations to excel as we move into the post-pandemic business environment. Collaborating with nearshore partners can reduce and eliminate many of the challenges that businesses will face throughout their next software development project.

So, how can a nearshore development team help your business grow and excel?

Experienced & Skilled Teams

Finding, hiring and managing a skilled workforce is a challenge, especially if you are working to a deadline to deliver a team for a business critical project. Working with a nearshore team eliminates the need for that. For example, our clients have seen great success working with our dedicated development teams. We offer bespoke packages and access to our highly skilled and experienced team to implement the best cost-benefit approach for your project.

They work in collaboration with your in-house team to deliver an efficient and successful project.

Evolving Workflows

Nearshore teams like our team here at Code Factory are skilled in Agile and digital methodologies and workflows. Collaboration between the nearshore team and the in-house stakeholders is crucial to a successful project. Keeping communication channels open between teams allow for better idea sharing and ultimately leads to a better workflow process.

It is beneficial for both parties to learn from each other over the duration of the project. This will result in a more efficient workflow process.

Remote Working Experience

As we head towards 2022, we will likely see a return to the regular office environment. For nearshore development teams, the remote working experience started long before COVID-19. While our teams work in our tech hubs in Moldova and Romania, they have years of experience working with client teams based in different locations.

This working arrangement is set to become even more common in the coming years as a large portion of the global workforce knows the success the remote working environment can bring.

Working With A Nearshore Development Team

Working with a nearshore development outsourcing team can lead to a fruitful and successful project. You’ll find experienced professionals that have the necessary skillset to deliver your project in a timely manner. However, to deliver a successful project while working with a nearshore development team you must consider a few things.

  • Project Goals:  Defining the project goals and giving clear project guidelines will help the nearshore development team. They will be able to provide the project with structure and they have the knowhow to deliver a product efficiently.
  • Communication: Open and clear lines of communication between both stakeholder parties is key to delivering a successful project. The use of IM tools such as Skype and Slack is common in these arrangements. Regular standups and progress reports will also help to ensure an efficient project.
  • Partnerships: Organisations should see their nearshore development team as their business partners. They integrate with your in-house team and help to create a happy, positive work environment.

We offer different types of engagement models to suit your project needs and we will work with you to develop and implement the best cost-benefit approaches to software development. If you want to discuss your next project then feel free to contact us here.