3 Key Areas Your QA Team Should Focus On

Testing and quality assurance are crucial to the success of any software product. The purpose of a QA team and conducting quality assurance tests is to ensure the final product is of high-quality and suitable for the market. Effective QA management is central to creating software that is ready for release.

Software Quality Control (SQC), Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Testing all come in to play here. This includes the tools and methodologies needed to ensure you have a bug-free product. The team here at Code Factory have defined QA process that means resources are allocated to the correct areas of the team and deployment goes smoothly. Our QA Services lifecycle includes planning, the test design phase, test implementation, stabilisation and delivery.

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The QA team here focuses on three key areas when working on a project and we have outlined these in the sections below.

Collaboration Is Key

Collaboration between departments is important in any business environment and that is no different when it comes to software development. The amount of tasks involved with a software development project have grown exponentially over the last number of years. Agile development, continuous integration and increased interconnectivity between devices has impacted the development process.

It is imperative then that QA teams work in harmony with software developers, project managers and other key stakeholders to deliver a service and product that meets their needs. QA testers should try and get involved in the development process at an early stage to provide their knowledge and ultimately deliver a higher quality product. QA teams often analyse edge cases and corner cases that PMs may not be aware of and identifying these at an early stage might help your project run much smoother.

It’s a delicate balancing act but more collaboration between teams allows for better communication, increased clarity on project direction and most importantly, ensures the project is working on realistic timelines.

Taking A Strategic Approach

We work with companies and organisations of all sizes to deliver customised solutions that fits their project plans. We aim to provide bespoke solutions to clients to deliver the products they need. Most of the projects we complete are complex, technical projects and the planning phase of these projects are considerable. We take a strategic approach to everything we do and this includes our quality assurance processes.

Efficient and successful QA teams will have a clear QA strategy that helps to align their processes and methodologies with the overall goals of the business and/or software project. A clear strategy will help keep the project on time and improve workflow efficiency.

Efficient Feedback Loop

This ties in well with the two sections above. An efficient feedback loop has a big role to play in both team collaboration and QA strategy. Feedback loops are used to get information on how the software development process is going. The aim is to relay negative and positive feedback that helps to improve the overall development process. Feedback loops are a mixture of automation, daily best practices and other tools.

It is important for stakeholders in the project to communicate with each other regularly to update on progress. This includes the QA team. The goal of every development project is to deliver a high quality product. Implementing efficient feedback loops within your project strategy will help your QA team achieve this.

Quality Assurance Infographic

QA Services

Our world class QA teams in Bucharest and Chisinau have been helping our clients deliver high quality products for over a decade now. Code Factory offer a comprehensive set of quality assurance services.

  • Planning: Review of requirements, test plan creation.
  • Test Design: Test case design, automated testing implementation.
  • Test Implementation: Test execution and bug reporting, test cases and script updates.
  • Stabilisation: Verification of bugs resolved, regression of testing suite.
  • Delivery: Acceptance testing, scope verification, reporting suite.

If you would like to find out more about our QA services, you can contact us at office@codefactorygroup.com.