Software Testing Collaboration Services

There is certainly a growing requirement for collaboration in software testing. Using more collaborative approaches have already been proven to add value to your project through many different benefits. Outsourcing to different time zones has a team working on projects almost round the clock. Other benefits include using independent or specialized testers and developers to improve the technical and operating quality of the products for your customers.

Software collaboration is no small task. It can be greatly beneficial to your company but there are several aspects that must be taken into consideration before moving forward with projects. These include the type of engagement models you need. There is no universal answer for this as each project will have different business requirements based on numerous factors.

Key Factors for Software Collaboration

For collaboration to be effective it requires a high level of planning. Getting the organisational side of it right could make or break your collaboration. Here at Code Factory, we analyze your project requirements in order to provide an in-depth report which will give you an overall view of what you can expect delivered throughout the project. This includes a recommended test approach and strategy.

There will also be a recommended test suite as well as proposed hours on a project. The report will include the total estimated cost for the project. This will be sent to you alongside the proposed engagement models which we recommend. This is the initial part of out onboarding phase. Once the original report is agreed upon or adjusted to meet your needs the collaboration can progress.

Then we can progress forward into discussions involving commercial and team forming strategies. A project timeline will also be established with clearly defined dates surrounding starting and finishing tasks in order to keep a smooth workflow.

Our work is extremely transparent with our clients. We use numerous bug tracking tools regularly. In our experience using bug tracking tools is one of the most effective methods for clients to review the work as it is being completed. We will have a specified tool, which is usually agreed beforehand, that we can use to share every test report. This provides a list of progress and bugs which ensures total transparency to our activities.

Why Choose Code Factory?

As mentioned above the key to success with collaborations is planning and communication. With us, at Code Factory you benefit from our expertise in those areas. We plan our projects thoroughly with the client before they begin going through all the necessary steps to ensure there are strategies in place for each aspect of the plan. Our heavy presence in the planning stage will display our open and free-flowing method of communication that is required for the high-quality collaborations we strive to provide.

We also have a more in-depth guide for Software Testing Collaborations that you can check out here.

If you’re interested in Software Testing Collaboration drop us a line here to get a conversation started.