Constrained Resources? – The Benefits to Outsourcing QA

QA testing in today’s age is expected to be high quality and effective. A lot of QA methods have been automated. However, even with improvements to data and analytics, there is no practical way to remove a personal touch from high-end QA. If you have already decided about outsourcing your QA you can check out our Guide to Picking a Development Partner.

Now, let’s get into how outsourcing QA can benefit your business.

Agile approach and software development outsourcing

No Long Term Expenses 

This will reference directly to project length. There is no need to exert the finances and time to creating a testing team in house for projects that are irregular. That way you can keep the costs off your books until you require the use of the testing team.

Even if you have an established QA team in place there are times when your resources are not readily available to meet deadlines in crunch time. Instead of taking on long term staff for a short term problem, opt for a short term solution by outsourcing to another team.

Lack of Skills Available 

If your team is lacking skills in a specific area you can beef up your team with additional skills. Especially with unique projects that your team is not fully capable to deal with. It is possible to train your internal employees but this would take time and drain resources. Your company could utilize outsourcing while training your team internally to ensure workflows remain the same.

Independent Testing 

Even if your team has the capabilities to match the project requirements. It’s great to be able to do the QA internally. However, there may be bias when you test your own projects. This can lead to issues being overlooked that will reduce the overall value of the project. Outsourcing a tester will guarantee the tester is capable of performing an unbiased evaluation and test reporting. Using accurate feedback to spearhead improvements has the potential to greatly improve projects.

Time to Market

Adding an outsourced QA team to your project will provide benefits that can increase your project delivery time. If your outsourced team happens to be in a different timezone it will increase the length of your development cycle. You can put in requests to the QA team at the end of the workday and have them delivered by the start of the next day. Greatly increasing the efficiency of your development cycles.

This is doubled down on if the outsourced QA team is an addition to your own QA team. It will mean your project is constantly moving towards the end of the development cycles and the amount of time for executing test cases is reduced. Anyone working within QA and software development will understand just how much extra time is worth to them.

Quick Expansion

There is nothing worse than having to turn down projects and new business due to your resources being constrained. If possible you want to take on as many projects as possible to maximize revenue without providing lower quality work. Outsourcing is a tool that companies can utilize to maximize ROI and expanding your internal resources.

Taking advantage of the instant expertise available will ensure your project quality remains the same while growing your own business. Outsourcing can range from a small addition to your team or even an extra department you can take advantage of. This will ensure you not passing up on good projects that will grow your business.


Interested in Outsourcing? 

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