Best Practices to Optimize your Web Applications Performance

If your web applications are performing below optimum levels, the results can be massive. You will inevitably lose customers that are coming to your website. Losing customers within your sales funnel is a detriment to any business. This makes it important to ensure that you maximize the effectiveness of your sales funnel. That is why optimizing performance is a top priority for many businesses.

In order to optimize your web application performance it involves a lot of analyzing and monitoring. Regularly analyzing your web application will help to identify areas that require improvement. There are many steps you can take to improve performance overall.

Take Advantage of Key Metrics

Leverage key metrics to locate sources of high utilization and better target your optimization efforts. By collecting and indexing metrics on cache operations, queries, and remote calls along multiple dimensions, you can more quickly find the services, operations, and tables causing bottlenecks within your systems. Once you’ve located the specific problem areas, you can target your optimization efforts at known issues instead of trying to improve your web app performance without concrete direction.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Since many of the files on your website are unchanging and static, a CDN is a great way to enhance your bandwidth, speed up your delivery of assets, and reduce access latency. In a CDN, different network nodes spread far apart from each other store copies of data, and work together to fulfill end-user content requests as they occur.

Be Thoughtful in Your Caching

In line with the use of a CDN, you can also improve your website’s performance by caching static files on servers closer to where your users are located. This lets your site load more quickly since traffic on your main servers is reduced.

Core Web Vitals

It is important that you can measure the metrics that are important to your website. The goal is to deliver the best user experience. Beginning sometime in 2021, this “Page Experience” Signal will be incorporated into Google’s core algorithm, as a ranking factor.

It is crucial to ensure that your Progressive Web application is not hindered by factors such as page speed. Identifying and ensuring core web vitals remain at a high level during periods of high traffic is crucial to the success of your web app.

Important areas for core web vitals include areas such as interactivity, loading experience, and the stability of page content. Each one of these metrics focuses on a unique aspect of the user experience and is measurable and quantifiable for an objective determination of the outcome.

Page Speed Insights

You can use page speed insights to test the quality of your mobile and desktop site versions.


Available at the ready on a Google Chrome browser. Lighthouse is an open-source tool that can identify what parts of your web page require improvement. It has added features and can provide useful results for improving SEO.

Search Console

Search Console provides important information regarding web vitals and can be grouped by metric type, status, and URL group.

Optimize Your Images

Images can seriously reduce your web app performance. Luckily, in most cases, they can be made smaller and optimized. Both .jpeg and .png files can easily be shrunk down. You should also upload your images at scale when you put them on your website instead of relying on CSS to size them down.

Keep Your Web Server Up to Date

Web app performance optimization is largely focused on server-side optimization, which relates to how long it takes for the server to complete requests. In general, it’s important to keep patches and updates currents for your web servers, as this maintains both function and security.


It is extremely easy to forget about your Web Optimization once your traffic begins to increase. It is important to maintain the best practices regularly to ensure your web application does not fall behind the competition. Every web application will need regular updates and improvements in order to operate at a high level.

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