The Benefits of Agile Testing

Agile testing is a crucial part of the development phase. As software development continues to expand and grow the testing process is also required to evolve to keep up with development. Agile methodology has enabled a faster delivery time for projects. It has transformed how businesses operate. Agile development has led to faster time to market, better cost efficiency, and improved performance. For agile development to be successful it requires extensive testing that aligns with the development approach. Agile testing is more effective than conventional testing due to the fact bugs can be discovered and fixed during the development process. What are the benefits of Agile testing?

Time Efficient

Compared to conventional testing agile testing is a much faster process. It saves time for testers and developers by solving problems early in the development stage. The agile model minimizes the overall time between testing requirements and validating results. The quick releases will enable the project release cycles without any delays.


Due to the nature of agile development, it usually costs less than conventional methods that use waterfall testing. One of the aspects of cost efficiency is the fact it takes less time to market for the products. Agile testing involves centralizing software testing tools and resources. This greatly improves the utilization of resources. Furthermore, it reduces costs that could arise from software procurement. It saves costs across the overall project.

Better Communication

Agile testing enables more open paths of communication. In fact, it requires consistent collaboration and communication. As testers and developers work alongside each other critical issues are more easily prevented and solved quickly. Also, it allows the testing team to be part of the production process rather than getting involved just prior to release. Higher collaboration also increases the efficiency in each stage of the project as some documentation can be bypassed. Resulting in faster and better results.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Catching and fixing bugs early leads to the teams creating applications that provide high-quality performance and quick delivery. Especially in these times providing fast delivery of high-quality products can be one of the few methods to satisfy customers. The improved communication will improve the information being passed to the customer in terms of what stage the project is in.

Better Quality

Agile testing provides a high-quality product to the client. During sprints, it provides clearly identifiable results as well as providing high levels of visibility. The development team makes improvements much earlier than normal to enhance the overall project. Consistent testing and demonstrations can ensure that every aspect of the project is working correctly during every stage. It prevents an application from developing an unnoticed severe bug or defect in the mid to late stages of a project.


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