Best Remote Working Tools

There is a consistent increase in employees working from home. It is crucial companies and employees are aware of the tools available to aid remote working. Here we present some of the best work from home tools from different categories for you to manage remote working & help your brand grow in these hard times.

Productivity Tools


Trello is prominently known as a collaborated task management tool that has a straightforward dashboard to enable you to dole out, track, and organize your everyday tasks.

It permits managers and team leaders to assign tasks to their groups and track everyone’s progress. You can likewise check the completion date and time, as well as giving assignment details and criteria. It is one of the best instruments for remote group management.

2.Google Online Suite

Google online suite can be compared to the online form of Microsoft Office, where the workers or individuals can make, share, access, review, and edit with different users.

It is a brilliant tool where you can make presentations, datasheets, hangout chats, documents, cloud drive, and more. In this tool for remote groups, sharing and cooperating is simple among teams and can be updated in real-time through the Internet.

Connectivity Tools

At the point when you consider remote work, you most likely think video calls, virtual gatherings, and shared screen presentations. These are a major part of working remotely, particularly with teams and clients. It is important to have a solid and reliable tool for video calls in order to make teleworking less complex and your meetings as viable as could reasonably be expected.

Recommendation: Zoom

Zoom is a remote work device for video chatting that is incredible and quick to get started with. We’re fans of Zoom in light of the fact that other than standard features for video gatherings and presentations, it offers real-time chat, video recording, screen sharing, calendar integration, and even virtual backgrounds.

Like with Slack, we additionally remember Zoom as a device for companies and employees to use due to its ease of use and reliability. There are other options available other than Zoom but it is one of the best.

Alternative: Skype

We can always remember Skype as it is a well-known brand for direct video meetings, interviews, and correspondences among individuals in different work areas.

You can utilize Skype for your meetings with your clients and teams. You can utilize it to deliver your meetings and more to keep your communication alive.

File Sharing

An approach to discover and share data you need is a pivotal remote working tool. Furthermore, you should have the option to do that securely and simply whether you’re working remotely or in the office.

Recommendation: Google Drive

Google Drive is an online service for storing and sharing digital files. It’s a useful tool in any case but especially if you’re also using other Google products like Docs, Gmail, etc. Google Drive can also be used to save and work with files from other systems like Microsoft and Apple.

Google Drive is our cloud storage of choice because we can access files offline and from mobile devices (both big bonuses for our remote team). Rearrange them by project and priority and set different sharing permissions for each doc, folder, or user. It helps to make sure files are available to all the right people but kept secure from others.