iPhone App Development Services

There are a lot of companies moving to mobile applications across all platforms. We are just going to focus on Apple and iOS. Apple has developed the best brand name when it comes to the mobile market. Apple accounts for a high percentage of the market. Especially compared to Android phones that are made by dozens of different companies. We are looking at iPhone app development in particular.

App development is not always quick and simple. A misconception people have is that developing mobile apps can be completed in a few days. Developing good software can take time and won’t turn around in that amount of time. It is much better to create a timeline for the development stages and create the best possible application.

Why build an iOS App?

Creating mobile apps can be costly so usually, companies will build one app at a time. It is very common for a company to create an iOS app before they develop their Android app. It is projected that there will be roughly 5.6 million apps available in the Apple store in 2020. Around 1400 new apps are put onto the Apple store every day. iOS app development is thriving due to the popularity of the Apple store and the unskippable part of everyday smartphone use.

It is quicker to develop an iOS app over Android. Even if the parameters are the same, Android apps have to validate for a numerous range of devices, screen resolutions, and versions. Shorter development processes can save money which can be invested in other areas surrounding launching the app. There is also a very high level of security on iOS apps. Also, the operating system can handle data and privacy while ensuring a secure online payment gateway.

iOS App Development Services

Code Factory Group offers a range of services available for iOS app development. Our iOS app developers have worked on a huge portfolio of iPhone, iPad and iWatch apps. These range from mobile commerce, insurance, gambling and a large range of other sectors. Our goal is to deliver mobile apps that are fully functional and highly efficient. We aim to fulfill customers’ needs and expectations while helping generate awareness of the client’s services and products.

Consulting and Strategy

We will work closely with the client to analyze your business readiness and goals you hope to achieve with your app. The first step after defining your goals is developing an effective strategy to move forward. Once the strategy is in place with clearly established targets it can begin to be executed. Having clearly defined targets and timeframes will help ensure smooth project implementation.

UX Building

Creating the app architecture and framework based on the consulting and strategy stage. This stage will contain clickable wireframes and functional implementation. Your focus for the iOS app is to minimize the cognitive load. The cognitive load is the amount of brainpower it takes to use the app. As a result, providing too much information can lead to users abandoning a task. It is best to ensure ease of use.

Decluttering is a major focus for iPhone app development as it is the worst enemy of good design. It is an issue to have clutter on the desktop but is horrendous on mobile due to the fact the real estate space is reduced on the smaller screens. Also, reducing all non-essential aspects will improve comprehension and ease of use. Our team of developers aims to make your iOS app as functional and effective as possible for reaching your customers.

App Testing

It is important to implement different types of testing once your app is developed, as well as continuous testing through the development phase. The goal of testing is to ensure your software can operate in multiple environments and across different versions. Using multiple different types of testing ensures that your iOS app will be of high quality. The testing methods involve functional and non-functional testing, unit testing and security testing. These are just a few of the testing methods we use in order to achieve customer satisfaction.