Betting Industry Post Merger Technology Alignment – End The Nightmare That’s Costing You Customers

Synergy, this is the buzzword bandied around when people talk about mergers. We have seen at least two thousand press releases in the last 18 month that mention this. We wonder if Word automatically inserts “synergy” whenever a press release on mergers and acquisitions is being written. Yes, in theory it makes sense. You merge, you pool resources and as a result, you become more efficient and effective at your core competency. That’s why hundreds of millions of pounds have been paid by company A to acquire company B.

Legacy Issues Cause Bottlenecks

Now let’s be honest, in our industry (betting) legacy issues actually set all parties back. Different technology stacks, platforms, marketing tools, affiliate software and reporting frameworks turn what would have been blissful matrimony into a horror show.

Look, you won’t hear this in industry press releases, official interviews or corporate communication, but sit down (as we have) for a pint in London, Malta or Gibraltar with any CTO or CMO for that matter, and they will pour their souls out about how much things have gotten worse because of tech not being integrated across brands.

Why a Technology Alignment is Essential

So, we are saying that the opposite of synergy occurs.? Yes, in most cases.

However, all is not lost. A post merger tech alignment plan will deliver the synergy across teams and brands.

We are experts in developing online sportsbooks, trading platforms and casinos from both a product and marketing technology perspective.

You can hire us to handle your tech integrations and alignment across all you legacy brands.

You remove bottlenecks and headaches. As a result, you can finally focus on your customers and get on with driving revenue.

What a Technology Alignment Entails
  • Audit of current technology stack, infrastructure and tools
  • Integration plan.
  • Execution of plan (You can get all development, custom engineering and project management from us)
  • QA
  • Release/Cutover Planning
  • Review
  • Audit of Current Technology Stack and Tools

This is where we host interviews with core stakeholders across all brands. We collate all the tools they use and measure against industry best practice.

This is the discovery phase where all issues are mapped out.

Integration Plan

We take the objectives of all the stakeholders and formulate an integration plan. This varies depending on the core objectives set by the leadership teams. We will find a solution that best fits your requirements.

Execution of Plan

Here we tap into our 250+ developers and integration specialists. The approach outlined by the integration is followed.


We have a team of ruthless experts in QA specifically for betting. As a result, you can rest assured that there will be minimal teething problems.

Release/Cutover Planning

We release but we don’t just ride off into the sunset. We stick around for a while to make sure everything is ok. Completion is just the beginning – we will provide support services for as long as they are required.


Once the process is complete we review versus our integration plan. We can work with your finance team to help you identify the ROI of the project. Needless to say this can be very positive indeed.

Get a Roadmap for Your Program

Feel free to ask us questions. Simply, drop us a line and we will get back to you.

All in all, your technology vision is possibly the most important project post merger/takeover. You can work with us to deliver the best results across your brand portfolio.


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