How to engage

We understand that business requirements are different across companies. That’s why we offer varied engagement models that cover a wide range of customer requirements. Our engagement models are designed to give you the flexibility to choose the manner in which you would like to partner with us.

We offer the following business engagement models:


We have over 10 years of experience offering Project-based engagements to clients worldwide. This model allows you to rapidly engage on-site or off-site delivery teams. Code Factory gives you access to top notch talent with the credentials and functional expertise to match your specific requirements. We have fine-tuned our methodologies, time reporting and escalation mechanisms over numerous customer engagements, and leverage this experience to help you build well-structured, stable teams that meet your variable workforce requirements.

When is the Project-based option suitable?

  • When you have a project that needs to be implemented and you need skilled resources immediately available that will help you reduce your time to market

We implement projects either onsite at your facility, on our premises, or a combination of the two. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed that is on-time, on-budget and effective.

This model is characterized by a fixed number and type of resources engaged for a specific project duration utilizing specific type of infrastructure and equipment. The team size, their skill set and infrastructure to be utilized is well defined before we start the project and will work in close co-operation with your team.

From the pricing model point of view we can work either Time & Material or with a fixed price, or a combination of the two models, thus offering you the flexibility to balance team size and project workloads and continuous control of time, budget and deliverables.

Dedicated Teams

In this model, we compliment your existing teams with additional resources. We will provide dedicated resources to satisfy the roles that you need. You decide where to deploy them and who they report to.

This model also scales extremely well. Over time, these dedicated resources gain experience and knowledge of your systems. The best way to extend your development capacity is to use dedicated resources for your projects.

In essence, our dedicated developers become a natural extension of your core business. You stay in control, but you also receive all the benefits of near-shore outsourcing. The workers embrace your corporate culture, and you control how their skills are allocated to your projects.

In terms of delivery method, we generally create dedicated partnerships. This model implies that we build teams for the long term needs of our client that are fully dedicated to that client’s projects. We will work as an extension to your business, providing the scale and flexibility you need to adapt in a changing environment, we can ramp up or scale down resources quickly to meet your needs.

We ensure the project’s success by integrating our team with your own, harmonizing the project management and successfully bounding at client communications and standards code.

We will make available a project management team that can work alongside your own team on-site and/or resources that work remotely but which may come on-site at the appropriate time of project development. This working methodology gives you the possibility to achieve a high level of performance, allowing you to optimize your available technical resources.

When is the Dedicated Teams option suitable?

  • When you need additional resources to compliment your existing team

Strategic Partnership

The engagement model of software development outsourcing based on Strategic Partnership models works well for companies looking for optimized utilization of resources with a lower time to market or companies looking to hire team of experts in a certain area to work on an ongoing basis.

Strategic Partner model serves our clients with an advantage of a dedicated facility for all their development and support needs using a combination of onsite and near shore resources. This option is offering you the possibility to keep a high level of quality to your services, meeting market demands.

Every Strategic Partnership has dedicated infrastructure and resources and seamlessly integrate the customer’s work ethics, culture, and work habits. This model mitigates the risks of remote software development and provides clients with an incremental Return on Investments (ROI) for their IT budgets. All processes, including the development process, quality management systems and standards and norms used in such a facility are as defined by the client.

Code Factory can provide you with a team that lines up 100% to your SLA (Service Level Agreement) or to an agreed SLA with your clients. We are open to adapting our methodology and incident tracking instruments according to your project criteria. We will provide total transparency of resources that we use inside your project and can also provide this through white labeling system. The more the internal IT group and our team can interact with each other, the better. Ideally, they should be integrated seamlessly with one another.

The client has the possibility to get involved in the selection and motivation of the team members, being permanently in direct contact with us and benefiting from a transparent workflow and flexible engagement contract. Basically we will replicate your own development practices and culture and provide a near shore team that would be virtually working from within your own office.

We will jointly setup a Joint Program Management Office with our client that will plan and review the activities of the Strategic Partnership Team. We also establish an open and transparent Project Management System and we guarantee that all Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s) created will remain the property of client.

When is the Strategic Partnership option suitable?

  • This model is suitable for businesses that wish to create a team without the hassles of hiring resources and investing in infrastructure. This is the best mode for creating distributed teams geographically along with the benefits of dedicated poll of resources that virtually extend your team without the associated burden of over staffing and people management.